EVERCROSS EV85F Elektroroller, 350-W-Motor, bis zu 19 Meilen pro Stunde und 19 Meilen, 8,5-Zoll-Vollreifen und APP-Steuerung

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Easy to operate electric scooter with app control support:
With "EVERCROSS PRO" APP, the EV85F electric scooter can be partially operated through a smartphone. Users can not only lock and unlock the scooter, control speed modes, light, zero-start, cruise control, and other functions, but also use the navigation function and view riding data for each trip.

SFeature-packed, cost-effective electric scooter:
The 350W motor of the EV85F can achieve three speed modes with adjustable speeds: ECO-7.5MPH, D-12.4MPH, S-18.6MPH, and the maximum climbing angle is 10-12°. This high-performance electric scooter is cost-effective and can meet the commuting needs of office workers or students riding on campus.

Electric scooter with superior range and high configuration
freely switch 2 riding modes, so cool and convenient.

Safety And Comfort:
Braking is smooth and secure. The excellent braking system makes the brakes respond more quickly and improves safety when riding. The front and rear shock absorbers provide maximum rider comfort. Meanwhile, a detachable seat is also more comfortable and free.

One-Step Fold Design & 3 Cruise Speeds Control:
36V 7.8Ah INTELLIGENT BATTERY: The EV85F electric scooter's "36V 7.8Ah" high-quality smart battery management system has a maximum range of 15-19 miles, and it takes only 5-6 hours to fully charge. It also has safety features such as temperature abnormal protection, overcharge protection, and battery information digitization.

With dual braking system, high safety electric scooter.
The EV85F is equipped with an excellent and soft dual suspension system, which provides a comfortable and smooth riding experience even on rough roads. In addition, it is equipped with "Electronic Brake+Disc Brake" dual brake systems, which improves riding safety.

LED digital display, operation Easy electric scooter.
The design of the EV85F electric scooter follows a very simple operating logic, with just one button to complete all riding operations. It also has an LED high-definition digital instrument panel, which displays information such as the current speed mode, current speed, cruise control, Bluetooth, headlights, and battery level.


Net Weight:33LBSPackage Weight‎17.19 Kilograms
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎44.3 x 21.4 x 6.8 inches
Wheel Size:‎8.5 Inches
Motor Power: 350W
Battery Capacity: 36V 7.8Ah
Charging Time: 5-6 Hours
Wheel Material:‎Rubber
Maximum Incline: Approx. 12%
Weight Limit:‎265 Pounds
Maximum Speed: Approx.18.6 Mph
Maximum Mileage: Approx. 19 Miles

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The EV85F Electric Scooter * 1
Battery Charger * 1
Tool Kit * 1
Quick Operation Guide * 1
User Manual * 1
Charging Adapter * 1
EVERCROSS EV85F Elektroroller, 350-W-Motor, bis zu 19 Meilen pro Stunde und 19 Meilen, 8,5-Zoll-Vollreifen und APP-Steuerung
Standardtitel - $299.99
  • Standardtitel - $299.99

EVERCROSS EV85F Elektroroller, 350-W-Motor, bis zu 19 Meilen pro Stunde und 19 Meilen, 8,5-Zoll-Vollreifen und APP-Steuerung

Bequemer, komfortabler und kosten günstiger Elektro roller

Hohe Konfiguration, starke Leistung und einfach zu starten sind die Merkmale dieses Rollers. Es kann nicht nur Ihre unterschied lichen Outdoor-Bedürfnisse erfüllen, sondern auch Ihre Fahr sicherheit maximieren. Verpassen Sie nicht diesen kosten günstigen Elektro roller.





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